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The Developments Of Artificial Intelligence

So we must first understand what artificial intelligence is and why it is important as well as any potential threats.

Artificial Intelligence Definition:

ar·ti·fi·cial in·tel·li·gence/ˌärdəˈfiSHəl inˈteləjəns/noun

“the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages”

How We Use Artificial Intelligence

Since the advancements of artificial intelligence, the computer system has actually evolved from the fantastic hulking beast that once occupied three areas to the now portable variations that can be taken anywhere. The capabilities that the computers have are likewise highly advanced in comparison. The very early makers did little bit greater than help people to resolve complex mathematics problems and also store large amounts of info. Today computers play movies and also control complex equipment and systems to help avoid human blunders.

Progressing what a computer can accomplish is the major area of research in the AI sector. People throughout the world understand the day is coming when computers will think and respond as a human does, which they fear will make the human race obsolete. The majority of scientists are not a subscriber to this theory because computers will certainly always lack the majority of the fundamental human emotions and not reactionary as the homo-sapien species does. This does little to console the masses as Hollywood has actually permanently taken us to the dark area where computers rule the Earth as well as make a decision that the humans are no longer relevant. Most of the experts in the field seriously doubt that it will ever before pertaining to that area in time however there are some problems that they voice concerning the principle none the less.

Artificial intelligence is the term that is frequently made use of for computers that can think. This is actually a true term when you consider it. A computer is a piece of entirely synthetic equipment, composed of parts established for a specific purpose. If the machine is given any type of intelligence it needs to originate from the man himself, since the computer system does not have the ability to perform such a task by itself. With this in mind, the scientists for the artificial intelligence system are dealing with a method to make the computers of the future more human-like in nature. This is done by way of knowledge chips that are developed right into the computer system which instructs the equipment how to discover by itself through outdoor resources and also not having to be triggered to do so by humans.

We now have artificial intelligence created as robots or machines that build cars, cut trees, build buildings, used as cameras to watch us, weaponry and useful recon for our military, scan a patient to see inside their body, the videogames our kids play, do our children’s homework, translate languages in instantly, participate in athletic events, even robots that act as companions in adult artificial intelligence programs. Artificial intelligence is all around us.

Can Artificial Intelligence Compete With Humans

There have actually been some developments in the field throughout the years however there are still many concerns that require to be addressed. For one, computers do not have the feature to act outside of the reasoning stage. Computers will certainly act on their programming from the most logical perspective as well as not take any other factors into consideration. This is why such points prove the fact that computer systems are not capable of mimicking true human behavior whatsoever.

An experiment by a big firm to build a computer that would beat master chess champions took place some years earlier. The company believed that they had developed the best chess-playing machine using artificial intelligence and also put it to the test. In the long run, the chess master would win because he was able to comprehend strategies beyond artificial intelligence as opposed to based upon the statistics that the computer system was having fun with. This showed the world that we are still years away from artificial intelligence replacing the human race. Artificial intelligence requires a greater level of advancement from its current state as well as earn the ranks that it can operate with emotion and not just logic.

Potential Threats Of Artificial Intelligence

Obviously, everyone is not a fan of every form of artificial intelligence. Some uses can be beneficial and other forms of artificial intelligence can pose threats. Too much power put into the wrong hands can be detrimental. Computer chips being placed into humans for the purpose of controlling them or some tyrants using artificial intelligence to create mass genocide would be devastating.

An artificial intelligence threat happens every second; you hear on the news about some major data breach of millions of records at a major corporation. We hear of governments using the cyberattack threats like administering EMP’s ( Electronic Magnetic Pulses) to annihilate a whole nation. We now hear rumors of 5g being used as a tool to also create mass genocide in certain regions of the country due to possible after-effects of radiation. We don’t have bonafide proof yet, however, if any of these artificial intelligence technologies are placed in the wrong hands, just like a gun, they can cause harm to many people.

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence

So we know there are always at least two sides to every story, right? Artificial Intelligence hasn’t failed and isn’t as some would think. The benefits of artificial intelligence have been proven to make our lives easier. AI has allowed us to get tasks completed quickly and in a lot of cases, without human intervention. Artificial Intelligence makes it feasible for machines to learn from experience, get used to brand-new inputs, and perform human-like tasks. Many Artificial Intelligence instances that you hear about today – from chess-playing computers to self-driving vehicles– depend greatly on deep understanding and also natural language processing.

When most people think of artificial intelligence, they immediately think of a Hollywood flick. One of my favorite movies comes to mind with Will Smith, I. Robot. The movie timelines the mass usage of robots in society glorifying artificial intelligence in the year 2035Will Smiths character, a technophobic cop investigates a crime that may have been perpetrated by a robot, which leads to a larger threat to humanity. Loved the movie; will we get to this point with artificial intelligence and robots? Maybe. However, robots artificial intelligence is more than a physical robot that we think about from the movies. For example, marketing bots that most major companies are using, especially now during the pandemic to answer FAQ and provide customer support when visitors land on the company’s website. Another example of the use of artificial intelligence is the scanners used in the medical field to help diagnose a patient’s health. Here’s one for you, SIRI: a smart assistant that you can ask any question at any time. Siri is not always right, but the technology is there and with the power of artificial intelligence, the technology gets smarter and smarter with the help of suggestions as well as user feedback. One of the biggest uses of artificial intelligence today is the use of smart devices. Our smart devices can make phone calls, video chat, find directions, provide weather updates, turn on our security alarms, unlock our car doors, send S.O.S., track our loved ones, etc. It’s amazing how far we have come a decade after decade. The future of artificial intelligence is very promising.

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Apple One | Join Apple Subscription Bundles In October

Apple, according to a recent Bloomberg report, is saying that they will be including music, tv, fitness, and news inside the bundle options. They are calling this apple subscription bundles service, “Apple One”.



Apple Subscription Bundles Service With Tim Cook
Photo: Bloomberg

Apple One | Apple Subscription Bundles Service Coming In October With The New iPhones.

Apple Subscription Bundles Service

Photo: Google


What would be included in Apple Subscription Bundles?

Apple, according to a recent Bloomberg report, is saying that they will be including music, tv, fitness, and news inside the bundle options. They are calling this apple subscription bundles service, “Apple One”.

Why Is Apple Doing This?

So the idea behind this is simply to allow Apple customers to subscribe to multiple digital services for a much lower cost. It will obviously be more cost-effective for the customer, as well as advantageous for Apple. If they make the services more cost-effective, it will essentially mean they will be able to capture more customers for the subscription bundles, which will generate more revenue for Apple.

When Is This New Apple One Subscription Bundles Service Coming?

Apple plans to roll out Apple One subscription services in October when they roll out the new iPhones. This will be a great added incentive for adding this a low-cost upsell that will actually some amazing value.

How Will They Bundle The Plans?

According to Apple, they plan to have a few tiered plans with certain subscription services and options, which will also dictate the cost of the monthly plans. For example, The Apple One (PLAN A) may consist of Apple Music & Apple TV+. However, a more expensive monthly plan or upgrade if-you-will may include Apple Music, Apple TV+, and another service mixed into the bundle like the Fitness Service, for example. Of course, they will have pricier bundles that may include more storage options for like photos, videos, and large files.

Will This New Subscription Bundles Service Work On All Devices?

According to Apple, they are saying that they will tailor the subscription bundles to the type of device the user|customer has. For example, the iPhone user will have access to a separate list of subscription bundles than another customer that has an iPad or MacBook.

Are There Any New Services Coming With Apple One?

Yes! So what we know thus far is that Apple One will also include a new fitness service. No solid details on whether it will be streaming live or on-demand or both potentially. This will be a great option to add for people who may want to still receive great exercise | workout content, but still may not be ready to go back to the gyms amidst Covid19.

Of course, this new Apple subscription bundles service will be offered inside one of the higher-end|pricier subscription bundle plans. It may also be a great alternative to another fitness service the customer is already paying for. At least this option will come bundled with other services, so the cost may be decreased substantially. This could rival other fitness subscription services like Peleton, however, the Peleton doesn’t just have the streaming or on-demand subscription service, they also have the actual workout unit. So, I’m not sure it would be fair to say this could rival Peleton as a whole, but maybe for someone who only subscribes to the Peleton service itself without the exercise unit.

Will There Be A Family Plan With Apple One?

Yes indeed! Apple is saying that this will be benefit customers who have or want to be on a family subscription bundle plan. This is another opportunity for both the customer(s) to save money on services, while Apple generates more revenue by enlisting individuals and families up to 6 people per family plan.

With the new Apple One, by enlisting into the family plan with one of the highest tiers, the estimated price could be around $45/month. Also, by doing the family plan option, it could save around $2-$5 per month depending of course on the subscription bundle they elect to go with.

Final Thoughts on The Apple Subscription Bundles Service

I think it’s a great idea to add a subscription bundle service for a few reasons: firstly, it adds more value to the high paying customers of Apple devices. Secondly, it is good for Apple as a company because it will keep the customer engaged with the content. Lastly, it adds more revenue to the company’s bottom line. Who doesn’t like increased revenues, lol?

I believe the subscription bundles service with Apple will thrive mainly because they have die-hard fans. Anytime you go into the mall and pass by the Apple Store, they are always packed with enthusiasts while the rest of the mall seems to be in the middle of a shopper’s famine.

Even now, in the middle of a recession, the store lines are long. Millions of people are unemployed or have accepted a new job with lower wages, people on the verge of evictions and repossessions, but in spite of all these horrors, these Apple-ites remain faithful till the end.

I would love to see Apple come out with something a little more on the high-tech side of tech. Something that would fulfill the fancy of cinema junkies and extreme gamers, like the Cinera Edge headphones. You can check out those Cinera Edge Cinema Headphones to see what I mean.


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Toshiba Quits The PC And Laptop Business

Toshiba was the first company to bring a laptop PC to market in 1985, called the T1100. Decades later, the company that innovated the PC is leaving the PC business behind.



Toshiba company sign
Photo: Google Images

Toshiba Quits The PC And Laptop Business


Toshiba computer laying flat

Toshiba Corporation Finally Calls It Quits

According to Wikipedia, Toshiba Corporation is a Japanese international empire headquartered in Minato, Tokyo founded in 1939. Its varied services and products include power, commercial, and also social infrastructure systems, elevators, and escalators, electronic parts, semiconductors, disk drive, printers, batteries, lighting, logistics, as well as IT services such as quantum cryptography.

It had been among the largest producers of personal computers, consumer electronic devices, residence appliances, and clinical devices. As a semiconductor business and the inventor of flash memory, Toshiba had actually been one of the top 10 in the chip market up until the late 2010s.

Toshiba in recent history

Two years ago, Toshiba offered an 80.1 percent stake of its PC business to Sharp for $36 million, and Sharp renamed the division Dynabook. Sharp exercised its right to purchase the continuing to be 19.1 percent of shares back in June, and also the company launched a declaration on August 4th that the deal was completed.

Once a leader in the pc business

They was the first company to bring a laptop PC to market in 1985, called the T1100. Decades later, the company that innovated the PC is leaving the PC business behind.

A lot of people in the early days utilize to swear by Toshiba. For me directly, they were one of the most reliable laptop computers I had in the very early 2000’s compared to the other brands I made use of to. I never ever had a problem with the laptop. It was a made use of a laptop computer I purchased from Craigslist. I marketed it 2 years later on still in a wonderful problem; I then updated to a more recent variation of the Toshiba laptop computer.

PC giant sells its shares

In 2018, they saw the writing on the wall for its PC business, as it offered a bulk risk (80.1%) to Sharp. Sharp, which now operates under Foxconn’s empire umbrella, would utilize the majority stake as a footing to return to the COMPUTER market.

Under the terms of the sale, Sharp got the majority of Toshiba’s items, technology, brand names, and various other assets that were previously part of Toshiba’s Customer Solutions Group. Sharp then brought business under the Dynabook brand, as well as the PC giant preserved a 19.9 percent risk.

Now, a little over two years gotten rid of from the original sale, the company has actually sold its remaining 19.9 percent risk in Dynabook to Sharp, many thanks to a call option that belonged to the contract. As Toshiba’s press release states, this makes Dynabook a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sharp.

Toshiba’s sale of its PC business back in 2018 became part of a broad restructuring amidst not only a waning COMPUTER market in which they were having trouble contending in, yet likewise as the company was left reeling from its Westinghouse Electric and accounting detraction controversy.

The PC giant was compelled to dilate its NAND organization as Toshiba Memory Corporation, which eventually ended up being Kioxia in 2018. The company also sold off its TV company to HiSense, and also marketed Westinghouse Electric to Brookfield Business Partners.

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