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Renault Morphoz 2025 Concept: First SUV To Extend Itself


Renault Morphoz 2025 Concept silver

Electric cars are the future. This concept has captured the essence of elegance and functionality.

A 2020 reveal, set to be released in 2025, the Renault Morphoz 2025 concept is a dream come true for those of us who love luxury with a futuristic look & feel while incorporating the money-saving features like going 100% electric. With trending technology evolving, we know the trajectory of transportation is going electric emissions-free ecosystem.

Not only is the Renault Morphoz 2025 concept elegant eye-candy with its sleek design, but the features are absolutely amazing: being able to share your vehicle’s battery with devices at home using “Vehicle Grid Technology”, swivel passenger seat, wireless charging for devices, facial recognition and the ability to open the vehicle with a simple hand gesture, an entending vehicle for added space for rear-seat passengers and front entending control for added battery space to extend the driving range from 400 km to 700 km, gaming console for backseat passengers. Quoted from their site:

“It meets the diversity of needs and human activities, and it embodies three major shifts: the transition towards 100% electric, the urban transformation to smart cities, and the new community models.”

So, although this is simply a concept, it bridges the gap between dream and reality for those of us who are fascinated with future technology. Most concepts cars never become reality but it allows the vision of possibility to become illuminated from paper sketches to 3D live scales models.

The full 100% electric ecosystem is the wave of the future.

Looking for this elegant Renault Morphoz for sale? Well, currently, it’s just a concept. For more information, visit Group Renault

Take a look at this new 2025 Concept from Mercedez-Benz

More Photos of the Renault Morphoz 2025 concept

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2023 Cadillac LYRIQ | The 1st All-Electric Cadillac SUV

Cadillac is coming out with its first all-electric vehicle in 2023, called LYRIQ. It will be the 1st of its kind under the Cadillac brand. It will have a range of about 300 miles on one charge.



LYRIQ Cadillac front view
Photo: Cadillac.com

2023 Cadillac LYRIQ | The 1st All-Electric Cadillac SUV

2023 Cadillac LYRIQ Concept

2023 Cadillac LYRIQ Concept

Cadillac is coming out with its first all-electric vehicle in 2023, called LYRIQ. It will be the 1st of its kind under the Cadillac | GM (General Motors) luxury brand. It will have a range of about 300 miles on one charge.

Cadillac and GM have done it again

Cadillac, for decades, has brought us vehicles that exhibit luxury, elegance, and class. The new LYRIQ EV doesn’t by any means fall short of Cadillac’s glory. The new all-electric EV joins other popular luxury brands like Tesla and Renault in the making of luxury all-electric SUV vehicles.

The Exterior View Of The Cadillac LYRIQ

LYRIQ Cadillac passenger side angle view

Photo: Cadillac.com

The exterior is sleek, sexy, and commanding as the Cadillac brand always exemplifies so well with all of their vehicles. The sensual and fluid design doesn’t disappoint, showcasing smooth curves from the front to the rear of the SUV. From the 23″ wheels complementing the bold elegance of the LYRIQ to the fully animated choreographed lighting and iridescent colors that will give bottlenecks something to gaze at.  Let’s not forget the 2-tone full glass front-to-back roof that enhances the views from the interior of the SUV while bestowing the perfect surplus of natural lighting.

The Interior View Of The Cadillac LYRIQ

LYRIQ Cadillac inside cabin view showing technology

Photo: Cadillac.com

While the concept is said to be only 80%-85% complete and most of the current interior photos are from another model Cadillac SUV concept, the spacious interior of the Cadillac LYRIQ is one of the most technical, but sensual concepts to hit the market.

With a 33″-34″ inch driver-centric curved display that serves as the driver’s “pilot display” as well as the hub of the entire infotainment system, is one of the largest in any vehicle currently on the market. it boasts Moon Glow aluminum accents, illuminated steering wheel. The LYRIQ’s interior is dressed in Juniper-toned leather throughout. The EV concept will offer more space for passengers to get comfortable in

With just 4 seats, the interior on the concept offers a full technology package with all-power options, entertainment package for the second-row passengers with oversized screens for watching movies. It will also include a fully powered touch screen tech-console with video controls.

AKG Studio 19 – Speaker Surround Sound System will offer some of the best surround sound ever incorporated inside a luxury SUV. Listen to your favorite music with crystal-clear, perfect-precision of sound free from any distortions creating the ultimate immersive listening experience. The AKG sound will be enhanced with the already equipped noise-canceling feature of the SUV.

Other tech features that said to be standard with the LYRIQ is built-in Wi-Fi or a Wi-Fi hotspot, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and some other smart technologies that were not mentioned in detail.

There is also plenty of opportunity for charging your devices with multiple USB ports and keeping hidden cubbies to keep things out of sight if you choose.

New Electric battery Technology

LYRIQ Cadillac The Ultium Battery System

Photo: Google Images

The LYRIQ is the first of GM’s EV lineup. It’s powered by Ultium battery technology to keep this sexy beast on the road for a 300-mile range on a single charge. The battery itself is proposed to have 100-kWh worth of capacity enabling the SUV to reach distances of 300 miles or more on a single charge.

Driving Performance

While Cadillac hasn’t shared the full details of the power under the hood in relation to horsepower, we do know that the SUV will come standard rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive coming in as an upgraded option. As with other Cadillacs, we are promised that there will be no compromise in the integrity of the ride, in relation to its smoothness with the introduction of the EV concept.

How Much Will The Cadillac LYRIQ Cost?

The estimated base pricing is estimated to start at or around $59,995. Also, expect a full power-train warranty of the vehicle covering 6 years/70,000 miles and 8 years or 100,000 miles warranty on the battery.

In Case You Missed The Video, Watch It Now

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2020 Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR Concept Is Amazing

Extremely confident – and completely without emissions.



mercedes-benz vision avtr drivers side distance view

Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR – inspired by AVATAR.

mercedes-benz vision avtr


Mercedes-Benz has always inspired luxury, class, and elegance. This new concept is nothing short of all 3. Inspired by the #1 box office movie, Avatar, the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR gives us a preview into the future. In their own words, the car is a “Creature, it’s alive”. It becomes “one” with the driver. The car has mood features that connect with the driver that will respond to the driver’s pulse and heartbeat. The Mercedes-Benz VisionAVTR has amazing features: The wheels turn 30 degrees to move sideways, it has never before created turn signal embedded in all four wheels, utilization of vegan material throughout the vehicle.

The name of the groundbreaking concept lorry stands not just for the close collaboration in establishing the show cars and truck along with the Mercedez-Benz Vision AVATAR group yet additionally for ADVANCED VEHICLE TRANSFORMATION. This principle vehicle symbolizes the vision of Mercedes-Benz developers, engineers, and also fad researchers for a wheelchair in the distant future. Mercedes-Benz 2020 ideas and concepts did not disappoint.

A Mercedes-Benz 2020 Totally without emissions.

With its four high-performance and near-wheel-built electric motors, the Mercedez-Benz VISION AVTR personifies an especially active application of the vision of a vibrant high-end hangout. With a combined engine power of greater than 350 kW, the Mercedez-Benz VISION AVTR sets a new standard for EQ Power. Thanks to the smart and completely variable torque circulation, the power of the 4 totally individually controlled motors do not just take care of in the very best feasible way in regards to driving dynamics yet most of all in a very efficient manner.

The cutting-edge all-wheel drive with torque vectoring makes it possible for completely new flexibilities and warranties driving characteristics at the highest degree while at the same time providing the very best feasible energetic safety and security. This implies that each wheel can be driven individually and relying on the driving circumstance. As a result of the opportunity to drive the front as well as back axles all at once or in opposite methods, the Mercedez-Benz VISION AVTR can relocate sideways by approx. 30 degrees, in contrast to conventional vehicles. The so-called “crab activity” offers the idea car a reptile-like look even in its movement.

The Vision AVTR Organic battery technology.

The Mercedez-Benz VISION AVTR was designed in accordance with its ingenious electrical drive. This is based upon a specifically effective as well as compact high-voltage battery. For the first time, the advanced battery innovation is based on graphene-based natural cell chemistry as well as thus completely gets rid of uncommon, poisonous, and expensive planet such as metals. Electromobility, therefore, comes to be independent of fossil sources.

An outright transformation is additionally the recyclability by composting, which is 100% recyclable as a result of materiality. Because of this, Mercedes-Benz underscores the high significance of a future round economic situation in the raw product’s market. You definitely won’t find this at a Mercedes Benz used car dealers lot!

Extraordinary fast charging capability.

In addition to a significantly high power density – compared to today’s battery systems with approximately 1,200 Wh/liter– the innovation likewise thrills with its extraordinary fast-charging ability by means of automated, conductive charging technology. This means that the battery in the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR will certainly be completely charging in less than 15 mins. The ingenious innovation likewise permits optimum flexibility with regard to the building area: the battery adapts preferably to the common space car idea, thus maximizing the multifunctional interior.

With an ability of around 110 kWh, the Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR makes it possible for an electric series of more than 700 kilometers. By recovering throughout roll-out and braking, the high-voltage battery can be recharged with higher efficiency than established systems while driving as well as this adds to the high energy performance of the overall system.

Exterior and interior combine.

For the very first time, Mercedes-Benz has actually collaborated with a totally brand-new design strategy in the design of the Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR. The alternative idea incorporates the layout disciplines interior, exterior as well as UX from the very first sketch. Male as well as human perception are the beginning factor of a layout process from the inside out.

The layout procedure starts with the experience of the travelers and also knowingly concentrates on the perception and also needs of the passengers. The goal was to create a car and truck that extends the perception of its guests. It was additionally a matter of creating an immersive experience area in which travelers connect with each other, with the automobile and the bordering area in a one-of-a-kind means.

It is a recycled product made from old clothing, flags, and also PET plastic bottles. Throughout production, the focus is paid to reduced contaminant exhausts and also low energy usage. Thanks to its versatility, maximum performance, and also premium quality, DINAMICA ® appropriates for usage in lavish vehicle interiors. It likewise ensures slip resistance for passengers on the seats. The soft qualities of the material offer the residents a “welcome home” sensation.

Instinctive control.

The Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR currently replies to the method of the passengers by visualizing the power as well as information circulation of the setting with electronic neurons that flow with the grille through the wheels to the back location. The first communication in the inside between guy and also automobile occurs entirely intuitively using the control device: by putting the hand on the facility console, the inside comes to life, and also the car acknowledges the vehicle driver by his breathing. This is made visible on the control panel and on the individual’s hand.

The Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR thus develops a biometric connection with the driver as well as raises his awareness of the environment. The electronic neurons flow from the interior right into the outside as well as envision the flow of power and details. As an example, when driving, the neurons flow over the outside of the automobile. When changing direction, the power moves to the corresponding side of the lorry.

Bionic formal language.

When the borders between vehicle and living beings are lifted, Mercedes-Benz combines high-end and also sustainability as well as functions to make the automobiles as resource-saving as possible. With the Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR, the brand is currently demonstrating how an automobile can mix sympathetically right into its environment and communicate with it. In the ecosystem of the future, the ultimate deluxe is the blend of human nature with the help of technology.

The Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR is thus an instance of sustainable deluxe in the field of the layout. As quickly as you get in, the car comes to be an expansion of your very own body as well as a device to find the atmosphere long as in the movie human beings can make use of avatars to extend and also expand their capabilities.


If you love this concept, you will love this 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ

Check out more photos of the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

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PITTA Selfie Drone | Buy This Transformative Autonomous 4K Drone

PITTA | Selfie Drone All in one intelligent and pocket-able device for Aerial, Handheld and Mounted shots



Woman Holding PITTA Drone
Photo: KickStarter

PITTA – Transformative Autonomous 4K Selfie Drone

Family Taking Selfie With PITTA Drone

PITTA Selfie Drone

PITTA is a modular transformative drone that allows true convenience in a way that you record your experience.

It’s not just airborne, not just portable, not simply wearable or mountable, it’s all of these. It’s a full system packed into a single gadget.

PITTA is little (170 mm/ 6.7 inches) and also light (200g/ 7oz) to take with you almost everywhere without included bulk.

Out of the package, you obtain an electronic camera, drone module, and also an action cam module to be able to obtain the collection of engaging clips from various points of view.

Additionally, you can dock the PITTA onto the charging cradle to utilize it as an online streaming home security video camera on a daily basis when you are in between adventures.

According to the developer’s website, you can also stream the video which is a really cool feature. If you are doing a live feed video on Facebook or Youtube and you’re at the beach or hiking, this would be a really cool feature.

What makes this drone so appealing is the fact that it can transform into a flying drone, a selfie camera, a security camera, and its very lightweight. Its very simple to handle, even safe for children according to their website. The camera also seems to have a follow-me feature and a steady camera element for clear videos.

Drones have become extremely popular over the last few years. When they first debut, they were very expensive and out of reach for most ordinary people’s budgets. Today, there are many drones available to the general public with prices starting in $10 bucks! Now, quality may suffer from the lower-priced drones because in this case, you do get what you pay for. There are many types of drones out there. They have drones for sale at Walmart that would be great for the kids or a starter drone. If you are looking for something more high-tech, you can find a good Drone website like DroneNerds

This is great for individuals & professionals like photographers, real estate agents doing aerial shots of the home listings.

If you are looking for the PITTA Drone Amazon, you may not find it there. It seems to be on the website only. The pricing, according to the PITTA Drone price Kickstarter website, is starting around $269.

To learn more about PITTA Drone, visit the site at Kickstarter.

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Check Out More PITTA Selfie Drone Photos Below

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The Developments Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence makes it feasible for machines to learn from experience, get used to brand-new inputs, and perform human-like tasks.



Robot photo
Photo: Shutterstock

The Developments Of Artificial Intelligence

So we must first understand what artificial intelligence is and why it is important as well as any potential threats.

Artificial Intelligence Definition:

ar·ti·fi·cial in·tel·li·gence/ˌärdəˈfiSHəl inˈteləjəns/noun

“the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages”

How We Use Artificial Intelligence

Since the advancements of artificial intelligence, the computer system has actually evolved from the fantastic hulking beast that once occupied three areas to the now portable variations that can be taken anywhere. The capabilities that the computers have are likewise highly advanced in comparison. The very early makers did little bit greater than help people to resolve complex mathematics problems and also store large amounts of info. Today computers play movies and also control complex equipment and systems to help avoid human blunders.

Progressing what a computer can accomplish is the major area of research in the AI sector. People throughout the world understand the day is coming when computers will think and respond as a human does, which they fear will make the human race obsolete. The majority of scientists are not a subscriber to this theory because computers will certainly always lack the majority of the fundamental human emotions and not reactionary as the homo-sapien species does. This does little to console the masses as Hollywood has actually permanently taken us to the dark area where computers rule the Earth as well as make a decision that the humans are no longer relevant. Most of the experts in the field seriously doubt that it will ever before pertaining to that area in time however there are some problems that they voice concerning the principle none the less.

Artificial intelligence is the term that is frequently made use of for computers that can think. This is actually a true term when you consider it. A computer is a piece of entirely synthetic equipment, composed of parts established for a specific purpose. If the machine is given any type of intelligence it needs to originate from the man himself, since the computer system does not have the ability to perform such a task by itself. With this in mind, the scientists for the artificial intelligence system are dealing with a method to make the computers of the future more human-like in nature. This is done by way of knowledge chips that are developed right into the computer system which instructs the equipment how to discover by itself through outdoor resources and also not having to be triggered to do so by humans.

We now have artificial intelligence created as robots or machines that build cars, cut trees, build buildings, used as cameras to watch us, weaponry and useful recon for our military, scan a patient to see inside their body, the videogames our kids play, do our children’s homework, translate languages in instantly, participate in athletic events, even robots that act as companions in adult artificial intelligence programs. Artificial intelligence is all around us.

Can Artificial Intelligence Compete With Humans

There have actually been some developments in the field throughout the years however there are still many concerns that require to be addressed. For one, computers do not have the feature to act outside of the reasoning stage. Computers will certainly act on their programming from the most logical perspective as well as not take any other factors into consideration. This is why such points prove the fact that computer systems are not capable of mimicking true human behavior whatsoever.

An experiment by a big firm to build a computer that would beat master chess champions took place some years earlier. The company believed that they had developed the best chess-playing machine using artificial intelligence and also put it to the test. In the long run, the chess master would win because he was able to comprehend strategies beyond artificial intelligence as opposed to based upon the statistics that the computer system was having fun with. This showed the world that we are still years away from artificial intelligence replacing the human race. Artificial intelligence requires a greater level of advancement from its current state as well as earn the ranks that it can operate with emotion and not just logic.

Potential Threats Of Artificial Intelligence

Obviously, everyone is not a fan of every form of artificial intelligence. Some uses can be beneficial and other forms of artificial intelligence can pose threats. Too much power put into the wrong hands can be detrimental. Computer chips being placed into humans for the purpose of controlling them or some tyrants using artificial intelligence to create mass genocide would be devastating.

An artificial intelligence threat happens every second; you hear on the news about some major data breach of millions of records at a major corporation. We hear of governments using the cyberattack threats like administering EMP’s ( Electronic Magnetic Pulses) to annihilate a whole nation. We now hear rumors of 5g being used as a tool to also create mass genocide in certain regions of the country due to possible after-effects of radiation. We don’t have bonafide proof yet, however, if any of these artificial intelligence technologies are placed in the wrong hands, just like a gun, they can cause harm to many people.

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence

So we know there are always at least two sides to every story, right? Artificial Intelligence hasn’t failed and isn’t as some would think. The benefits of artificial intelligence have been proven to make our lives easier. AI has allowed us to get tasks completed quickly and in a lot of cases, without human intervention. Artificial Intelligence makes it feasible for machines to learn from experience, get used to brand-new inputs, and perform human-like tasks. Many Artificial Intelligence instances that you hear about today – from chess-playing computers to self-driving vehicles– depend greatly on deep understanding and also natural language processing.

When most people think of artificial intelligence, they immediately think of a Hollywood flick. One of my favorite movies comes to mind with Will Smith, I. Robot. The movie timelines the mass usage of robots in society glorifying artificial intelligence in the year 2035Will Smiths character, a technophobic cop investigates a crime that may have been perpetrated by a robot, which leads to a larger threat to humanity. Loved the movie; will we get to this point with artificial intelligence and robots? Maybe. However, robots artificial intelligence is more than a physical robot that we think about from the movies. For example, marketing bots that most major companies are using, especially now during the pandemic to answer FAQ and provide customer support when visitors land on the company’s website. Another example of the use of artificial intelligence is the scanners used in the medical field to help diagnose a patient’s health. Here’s one for you, SIRI: a smart assistant that you can ask any question at any time. Siri is not always right, but the technology is there and with the power of artificial intelligence, the technology gets smarter and smarter with the help of suggestions as well as user feedback. One of the biggest uses of artificial intelligence today is the use of smart devices. Our smart devices can make phone calls, video chat, find directions, provide weather updates, turn on our security alarms, unlock our car doors, send S.O.S., track our loved ones, etc. It’s amazing how far we have come a decade after decade. The future of artificial intelligence is very promising.

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CLIU – The Best Face Mask To Buy To Protect Against Viruses

CLIU Mask is more than a traditional face mask. This face mask can be customized to you and synchronized with your smart device with our CLIU app.



CLIU Woman Wearing Mask
Photo: Cliu.it

CLIU – The Best Face Mask To Buy To Protect Against Viruses


CLIU Face Mask Changing Colors

“This is not a mask.”

The Coronavirus | Covid19 stopped our daily life as well as changed our daily regimens. Even today, we are adjusting to new circumstances that influence our language, interaction, and expressions.

Since the pandemic, many companies and individuals have begun making safer masks as well as designer masks that have a sleeker appeal than the traditional mask we buy at the local CVS. While the majority of these luxuriated styles provide absolutely no health benefits for safety to ward off viruses, they have seemed to have caused a trend in making the mask more appealing.

CLIU has the solution

CLIU has actually established the first mask that shows your smile, your emotions, and provides you back all the principle info your life needs in a Post-COVID globe.

Reclaim control With CLIU Face Mask

Many thanks to the mobile app, you can monitor your CLIU mask to guarantee it is operating correctly. In addition, you can see the filter’s intake status and also accessibility real-time details on your health, such as heartbeats and also breathing top quality. Your overall health within your CLIU.

The CLIU app can give you real-time data about the air high quality in your area and also within the surrounding areas, as well as the existence of any COVID-19 breakouts. In this way, you can prevent any kind of health and wellness dangers.

Starting from the synchronization of your CLIU, you can customize the experience, the permissions on individual info, along with accessibility the “Find my mask” performance in case of loss. Life with your mask has never ever been simpler.

The mask is developed particularly for you. Pick the colors of the mask and also the framework that best suits you.

“Charge the battery. Kill the bacteria.”

Many thanks to the special UV base, designed for CLIU, you can charge your mask in less than an hr as well as kill all the bacteria in an immediate.

Interchangeable filters.

Along with avoiding contact with bacteria, CLIU face mask is likewise created to absorb air pollution and to lower day-to-day allergies from pollen.

Many thanks to the interchangeable five-layer filters, also geared up with activated carbon, the face mask filters the particles that would or else be inhaled throughout regular city life. Replacing them is really easy!

Buying non-reusable face masks as well as disposing of them without any treatment might undoubtedly have an extraordinary ecological effect. Even as important, constantly buying face masks can be very costly for someone on a budget. Washable face mask: people have been trying to wash the non-reusable mask, which is not good because this will damage the mask, making it ineffective.

Purchasing face masks that cover the face would make it challenging for deaf people to be able to recognize us and also to promptly regard unsafe scenarios. The face mask we buy from the stores is not an N95 or medical mask which means they are less effective in the prevention of being infected by bacteria and viruses.

Having the right face mask makes the difference

Putting on face masks not specifically created for us would cause breathing problems as well as would not permit us to really feel comfortable with the people around us. Most of the face mask that we buy simply are one size fits all, which can be ineffective and misleading to the general public. Most believe that as long as they have something covering their face, they are ok and that face mask or scarf or cloth face mask will protect them against viruses. Unfortunately, in spite of what the news channels broadcast, this is incorrect. These are not protective face masks. The proper mask is fitted specifically to the individual by a medical professional.

The CLIU team professes that this is a better version because of the science and technology behind their design and development. For more information on the CLIU face mask, visit their website at CLIU

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