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Cinera Edge2 The Best Face-fitting 5K OLED HMD Dolby Digital Cinema Headset


Cinera Edge Cinema Headphones Eyeglasses Free Diopter AdjustmentDiopter Adjustment


“The Cinera Edge Face-fitting 5K OLED HMD Dolby Digital Cinema Headset that rests on your face for video watching and immersive gaming”


Cinera Edge v2 | The Revolutionary Home Cinema Headset

Cinera Edge is the globe’s very first personal cinema HMD that features twin 2.5 K micro-OLED and a Dolby Digital ® accredited earphone with 5.1 channels of border noise. The combination flaunts a genuine staged immersive experience with fantastic video clip and audio quality, making the device a true mobile cinema. It energizes your movie or pc gaming experience and magnifies your everyday enjoyment to a brand-new degree.

Cinera cinema headset features twin next-gen 2560×1440 mini OLEDs, providing extraordinary vibrant pictures, high contrast ratio, and crisp picture/video delivery. Each of the two Cinera Edge cinema headset displays delivers the astonishing 2560×1440 pixels, which is substantially more than many other gaming headphones or movie headphones out there on the market today. Higher-resolution brings a sharper picture with even more clarity. If that wasn’t enough, it likewise doubles up as an indigenous 3D display screen without any alteration required.

Version1 was good, however, this is even better!

The Cinera Edge cinema headset is making use of the current technology – mini OLED. With mini OLED, we developed this gadget to substantially reduce the type variable while loading the same amount of pixels as in Cinera v1. Cinera Edge cinema headset unlocks over the predecessor multiple considerable advancements: incorporated earphones, real mobility, and long-session comfortableness, etc.

Bursting Colors Showcasing A Captivating Display

Its display is utilizing the very same DCI-P3 color criterion that is widely taken on by the forecast systems utilized in cinema. DCI-P3 color room has a lot more full range of color than the standard sRGB to make sure that Cinera Edge can replicate much more shades with more precision. Think of an Apple Pro Display (Cinera Edge) vs. a normal monitor in your office (Others). Geared up with 3515 PPI, each screen loads 3.6 million (2560×1440) pixels right into a 0.83″( 2cm) area, offering it 7 times more thickness in the image than the iPhone 11 Pro’s display. Cinera Edge’s mini OLED screen is the vital innovation of Cinera Edge’s new screen technology, as it makes ultra-high resolution feasible in a goggle.

Thanks to it, we can reduce Cinera’s type variable without compromising picture top quality. With a 500,000:1 Contrast Ratio, the micro-OLED technology used in Cinera Edge delivers an ultra-high contrast ratio of 500,000:1 while not causing eye pressure or tiredness. On our displays, shades are a lot more dynamic as well as brighter. Your eyes will certainly appreciate a broader differentiation between several shades of grey. In simply 0.000001 seconds, this OLED display reacts super quickly. Because of this, motion blur is primarily eliminated when displaying fast-moving items. It also helps reduce motion sickness when enjoying Virtual Reality content.

Makes you feel like you’re right in the movie|game!

What’s your favorite movie? Imagine what you can watch with this baby – Starwars, The Matrix, whatever it is, you won’t find a better viewing experience than with the Edge. Cinera provides an Immersive Experience – Better Than The Movies. You become part of the movie or game and get completely immersed in the story! That’s what you get when watching a flick or playing a computer game utilizing Cinera Edge. Extreme Gamer? What’s your passion: Call Of Duty, Assassins Creed, into Minecraft or Fortnite? No problem, experience them all with the best audio and visual you’ll ever have when playing your favorite games.

With the latest innovative technology, Cinera recreated and also exceeded the immersive experience of enjoying a flick in a cinema. With a 66 ° Wide, 1200″ Diagonally Cinera Edge display is equivalent to 1200″ from a 20m distance or 66 ° broad left-to-right. That is wider than the 54 ° displays in a lot of cinemas and also almost as big as IMAX ®’s trademark 70 ° display.

The Most Effective 3D Experience Cinema Headset

Different from 3D in movie theaters where using 3D glasses is a must, Cinera Edge is an indigenous 3D show that no glasses are needed. Left & Right photos are shown and also transferred to both eyes without any overlapping or being filtered out by glasses. Therefore, Cinera Edge’s 3D image is much brighter than you’ll see in cinemas. With assistance for Blu-ray 3D, Cinera Edge likewise supports 3D Blu-ray too, so you can enjoy a huge library of top-selections of 3D titles with Cinera Edge’s cinematic screen. It’s probably the best portable immersive cinema headset for gaming or headset for watching movies.

Big Theatre Sounds Without The Big Crowds

Audio is additionally an important factor in a motion picture experience; for that reason, we include in Cinera Edge a top-quality headphone with cinema-grade configurations. With the integrated Dolby Digital ® Certified Sound, Cinera Edge cinema headset is Dolby Digital ® accredited so it can perfectly decode the high-grade soundtracks from Blu-rays and also video streaming systems. v2 has 5.1 Ch Surround Sound with four vehicle drivers on each side, the cinema headset imitates motion picture 5.1 border audio and also supplies straight right into your ears. Cinera Edge’s audio is fine-tuned to regulate clear human voice, high spatial precision, as well as sufficient bass making it super-enhanced for movies.

The Cinema Headset With A Comfortable Design

The comfortable design of this cinema headset intelligently shifts even more weight to its sides, taking the pressure off the front part. This makes lengthy sessions of putting on simple and easy. At first sight, it looks cumbersome or clumsy, nonetheless, it’s light-weight and stable. After being immersed right into the movie or gameplay, you might even forget you have them on.

Compatibility with various other gadgets

With an integrated Android OS, this cinema headset is as easy to use as your smartphone. You can instantly stream from online streaming networks like Netflix or HBO through Wi-Fi, or play neighborhood content utilizing a USB drive or micro SD card. Cinera Edge’s touchpad on the right-hand side enables you to swipe through the menus rapidly. Cinera’s cinema headset additionally comes with the Android Ecosystem Running on a full Android OS, this cinema headset supports most content applications.

For more information on the Cinera Edge cinema headset prices please visit their website at or check out their Kickstarter page to back their project and buy Cinera Edge or maybe to check out the Cinera edge review.

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Checkout More Cinera Edge 5k Photos below


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PrintPods | Handheld Printer That Prints On Everything

You have the ability to print on literally everything, smooth surfaces, hard surfaces, rocky & uneven surfaces too. Want to print an image, design, logo, or simple text on a nice wood plaque for your desk at the office? Not a problem with the PrintPods handheld printer! Want to print your name, company logo, favorite sports team name|logo on the back of your phone case? Yep, you can do that too.



PrintPods multiple print options
Photo: EveBot|Kickstarter

PrintPods | Handheld Printer That Prints On Everything!

PrintPods - unremovable ink shows a man printing on his shirt


PrintPods HandHeld Printer Has NO Competition!

It would have been quite hard to believe a concept like this could have become a reality 18 months ago. To our amazement, EveBot, a Chinese start-up tech company of 3D printing and inkjet experts that pioneered the concept of non-standardized printing has made it possible. According to their website, EveBot started a KickStarter campaign with another invention of theirs, the PrintPen, which seems to have had great success in 2019 raising well over $400,000 USD and more than 3,000 backers (people who believe in the project and back the project with a financial grant or venture capital). It looks like the current price of the PrintPen is around $236.00 USD.

This year they boasted a new $10,000 starter campaign for the new PrintPods on KickerStarter that has since reached well over $310,000 USD at the time of this article. This is like nothing we’ve seen before in this sector.

A hand-held printer that prints on everything

You have the ability to print on literally everything, smooth surfaces, hard surfaces, rocky & uneven surfaces too. Want to print an image, design, logo, or simple text on a nice wood plaque for your desk at the office? Not a problem with the PrintPods handheld printer! Want to print your name, company logo, favorite sports team name|logo on the back of your phone case? Yep, you can do that too. Want to be creative and print images on Easter eggs or fun crafts for the kids, you can do that with this handheld printing genius. Check this out below.

PrintPds can be printed on any type of surface

Photo: EveBot|Kickstarter

PrintPds can be printed on any type of surface inlcuding leather and metal

Photo: EveBot|Kickstarter


Printer ink is 100% Safe

The PrintPods handheld printer is also skin-friendly ink is 100% Safe, non-corrosive, water-proof, and it won’t irritate the skin. The ink options come in black, blue, and red according to the website. You can print on a removable tattoo in seconds. Want to plaster your favorite team logo across your arms or face during game nights? Need a custom print job of your company apparel but the printshop will take too long? Try the PrintPods handheld printer to quickly print your logo on shirts and hats at a business convention in a matter of seconds per shirt|hat! No other handheld printer technology can do this.

Quick-Connect | Print In Seconds

The device is so small, it fits in the palm of your hands. Download the PrintPods mobile app, turn on the wifi, and let the printer sync to your smart devices to configure the layout of your text, images, design. Then you simply press a button to print your newly created masterpiece on your desired canvas. With the quick-connect feature, you can print in a matter of seconds (See image gallery at the end of this post for more images).

Invisible Ink Feature Is Great For Surprises

Want to surprise a loved one or friend with a hidden message like a marriage proposal using invisible ink asking, “Will You Marry Me!?” or “It’s A Boy/Girl” hidden ink on an oversized wall cloth at the baby shower. Print your favorite quote or scripture on a shirt or a coffee cup|mug. There are so many creative ideas that you can come up with using the invisible ink printer feature, just use your imagination!

Long-lasting battery = more prints!

The PrintPods handheld printer comes packed with a very small battery, but don’t let that fool you. This battery will last you long enough for over 1,000 print jobs! Yes, that includes color, invisible ink, and image utilization in your prints.

Saving money on printer cartridges has never looked this good

A single printer cartridge can last up to 3,500 prints! Wow, this in itself is “worth the price of admission”. The amount of money you save on worry about which color cartridge needs to be replaced. All colors are embedded into 1 cartridge.  This is a huge time saver and money saver. They also mentioned “print costs” of $0.01/print. Not too sure if this is in addition to the cartridge costs or if they were simply giving a breakdown of dividing the cost of the cartridge by the number of prints. The cost of each new individual print cartridges was not listed.

Create prints 2X wider than traditional printers

While other printers in this sector only print as wide as 0.5 inches, the PrintPods handheld printer prints up to 1 inch in width. This is a great benefit that will enable you to print more within the same stroke, rather than trying to match up your 1x width print with an additional 1x width print. Things could get sloppy like that. With this handheld printer, you get to cover more area in the same amount of time.

Our Closing thoughts

We think this is one of the best inovativ ideas that has been taken from concept to reality. Being in business ourselves and understanding the importance of saving time & money on useful resources is paramount. Being able to print quick appealing designs on the go in a matter of seconds is mind-boggling. Furthermore, the idea that you can take this handheld printer and print on literally any type of surface without the limitations to just a few types of canvases makes it even more worth the investment.

To be able to put this in your pocket or a small carrybag and print-on-demand just with their mobile app and a creative idea for a design is amazing. This company has had great success with their first start-up idea. However, we like this one much better. The PrintPen seemed ok to me, but seemed to have a few disadvantages in comparison to this one. Didn’t seem to have the same image printing and invisible printing features. The ink didn’t seem to print as clearly and as smoothly with the PrintPen as it does now with the PrintPods handheld printer.

In either case, it was still very innovative to be able to make a mobile printer that small and portable to actually work as nicely as it does.

Two thumbs up, BRAVO on this inovativ idea!

For more details on the PrintPods handheld printer, check their KickStarter Page

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AiPower Wearbuds Pro – The Best Earbuds To Buy In 2020

Want something better than earbuds that you can wear on your wrist and recharges by itself? Then you need Wearbuds Pro by AiPower



Wearbuds Pro Engineering
Photo: Wearbuds.MyAirpower.com

AiPower Wearbuds Pro – The Best Earbuds To Buy In 2020


Wearbuds Pro By AiPower Functions: The Best Airbuds


Why Wearbuds Are The Best Earbuds

In 2019, AiPower released Wearbuds – World’s First On-Wrist Charging True Wireless Hi-Fi Earbuds on Kickstarter. With 8586 backers and over $944,923 earned, it goes without stating that it was a huge hit. Currently, they are back with the 2nd Generation– Wearbuds Pro, the ultimate TWS audio and fitness tracking wearable for a contemporary way of livings. Pro version, Premium experience! These wireless earbuds are sleek and sexy, one of our top gadgets picks here at Inovativ.

The AiPower Wearbuds Pro Upgrade

Wearbuds are the initial TWS earbuds that incorporate wireless audio into a fitness tracking wearable, the copyrighted design is a market game-changer! Answer/reject telephone call, play or pause songs and even more with just a tap and also done. With AiPower Wearbuds Pro, you have whatever that originates from your phones. These are wireless earbuds for iPhone and Android.

A better Bluetooth Earbud

AiPower Wearbuds Pro earbuds pair promptly with the physical fitness band utilizing a well-founded Bluetooth 5.0 connection to accessibility songs, playback or time out, and also response or hang-up phone calls. All real-time phone notifications appear on your wrist for hands-free, carefree, watching. Solitary, dual, or multi-touch display compatible with various gestures makes your audio as well as fitness experience smooth and intuitive.

Wearbuds are not cheap earbuds; the price point is fair, but not cheap. Another great feature is that these are earbuds that stay in your ear. So if you are looking for earbuds that don’t fall out, then you are in the right place.

More Than Just For Music And Calls

With the built-in seven-axis accelerometer, motion, heart rate, as well as stress sensing units, Wearbuds Pro functions seamlessly with you. Sleep, step, floor, and heart rate real-time tracking sustained, and also calorie estimation is offered. Assistance for numerous task modes such as strolling, brisk strolling, cycling, and also more.

This would be good for diabetics if there was a feature to track blood sugar levels as well and then have the capability to share the readings with the user’s physicians.

Train Better | Feel Better

One more reason these are the best earbuds, AiPower Wearbuds Pro app aids you to recognize your real-time body weakness to train and live far better! These are the perfect earbuds for running or training in the gym due to the fact that they are sweat/water resistant and have a hard cord casing. Great interface design, stunning 262K colors TFT HD display, and extremely user-friendly and instinctive in-app usage.

This is a really cool design. It seemed a bit bulky from the side view at first, but it was easy to get used to. Understand that the earbuds are sheltered inside the wristband, so in order for this to be feasible, the wristband has to have a slight “bump up” to accommodate the insertion of the earbuds. It’s still a very beautiful design indeed. It looks very futuristic as well as unisex appeal to it; not to slim for the fellas and not too overbearing for the ladies. These are the best earbuds you can buy in 2020 for all of these features alone.

Hardcore Casing

These aren’t your ordinary cheap made earbuds. If you’re looking for the best rated earbuds, you’ve found them. AiPower Wearbuds Pro’s patented Snap-on layout safeguards the earbuds for charging or storage in a solid metal situation with a traditional matte surface. The display of the wristband is ultra-strong Corning Gorilla glass with as much as 7H hardness that makes it shatter & scratch-proof as well as fingerprint immune.

Better Sound Quality

If you are looking for better sound quality, these are definitely the best earbuds to buy in 2020. There is nothing worse than paying a lot of money for bad quality earbuds. You have the expectation that the quality in manufacturing will be sturdy and even as importantly, the sound is high quality. Another reason why these are the best earbuds: Imagine being on a phone call where the audio doesn’t go in and out or gets invaded by a bunch of annoying static. Wearbuds Pro makes use of the most recent mobile audio technology to sound like the future! They deliver crystal-clear, effective, and also incredibly well-balanced premium Hi-Fi sound making them the best earbuds to buy in 2020.

With the advanced Graphene Dynamic Driver and Qualcomm smart audio chip, Wearbuds Pro really presses the boundaries as well as sets a brand-new standard for noise. Genuinely immersive sound with no latency: apparent, vibrant, and smooth. Change effortlessly from single-ear or double ear mode depending upon activity.

Longer Lasting Usage

Typical earbuds last for a few hours. Not these babies; these are the best earbuds for a reason. Take pleasure in up to 15 hours of non-stop songs or calls when used with the billing band. The earbuds help regarding 5.5 hours on a solitary charge and also can be billed twice from the totally charged physical fitness band to ensure that the soundtrack of your life never ever finishes.

Last for up to 10 days standby time so it’s ready to go when you are! These are great for a long trip or air flight. Oh, and when it’s time to charge, simply doc the earbuds back inside the wristband for automatic charging!

For more information on the best earbuds to buy in 2020 – The AiPower’s Wearbuds, please visit their website here

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PITTA Selfie Drone | Buy This Transformative Autonomous 4K Drone

PITTA | Selfie Drone All in one intelligent and pocket-able device for Aerial, Handheld and Mounted shots



Woman Holding PITTA Drone
Photo: KickStarter

PITTA – Transformative Autonomous 4K Selfie Drone

Family Taking Selfie With PITTA Drone

PITTA Selfie Drone

PITTA is a modular transformative drone that allows true convenience in a way that you record your experience.

It’s not just airborne, not just portable, not simply wearable or mountable, it’s all of these. It’s a full system packed into a single gadget.

PITTA is little (170 mm/ 6.7 inches) and also light (200g/ 7oz) to take with you almost everywhere without included bulk.

Out of the package, you obtain an electronic camera, drone module, and also an action cam module to be able to obtain the collection of engaging clips from various points of view.

Additionally, you can dock the PITTA onto the charging cradle to utilize it as an online streaming home security video camera on a daily basis when you are in between adventures.

According to the developer’s website, you can also stream the video which is a really cool feature. If you are doing a live feed video on Facebook or Youtube and you’re at the beach or hiking, this would be a really cool feature.

What makes this drone so appealing is the fact that it can transform into a flying drone, a selfie camera, a security camera, and its very lightweight. Its very simple to handle, even safe for children according to their website. The camera also seems to have a follow-me feature and a steady camera element for clear videos.

Drones have become extremely popular over the last few years. When they first debut, they were very expensive and out of reach for most ordinary people’s budgets. Today, there are many drones available to the general public with prices starting in $10 bucks! Now, quality may suffer from the lower-priced drones because in this case, you do get what you pay for. There are many types of drones out there. They have drones for sale at Walmart that would be great for the kids or a starter drone. If you are looking for something more high-tech, you can find a good Drone website like DroneNerds

This is great for individuals & professionals like photographers, real estate agents doing aerial shots of the home listings.

If you are looking for the PITTA Drone Amazon, you may not find it there. It seems to be on the website only. The pricing, according to the PITTA Drone price Kickstarter website, is starting around $269.

To learn more about PITTA Drone, visit the site at Kickstarter.

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Buy Xebec Tri-Screen | Add 2 more screens to your laptop fast



Xebec Tri-Screen woman working while in meeting
Photo: www.TheXebec.com

Buy Xebec Tri-Screen | Add 2 more screens to your laptop fast!


Xebec Tri-Screen

The Xebec Tri-Screen works with almost ALL laptops. It works with Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebook and any device with a video outsource. Below we will take a deep dive for those who have specific compatibility questions. If you too are curious, read on!

*Please note that the following laptops will only support one screen at a time:

  • MacBook Air (2017 and earlier)
  • MacBook Pro (2012 and earlier)

Xebec Tri-Screen

With the Xebec Tri-Screen, you can instantly add 2 more screens to any laptop. It adds convenience and better user functionality. No more go back and forth from screen to screen. Now you can view multiple screens at once and work on multiple tasks at the same time with the Xebec Tri-Screen.

This is perfect for college students who need to multi-task screens and get more school work done. It’s really good for the market trader on the go. I’ve traded Forex and Stock Options and there is nothing more God-sent than having multiple screens set up to watch your charts, do your analysis and then pull the trigger to execute your trades.

For more information on the Xebec Tri-Screen, please visit their website here

Or, you can buy it here: Tri-screen Laptop Attachmentir?t=inovativ 20&l=ur2&o=1

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Manta5 Hydrofoiling Watercraft – HYDROFOILER ™ XE-1

Manta5 | Uses the same technology as America’s Cup sailboats, the Hydrofoiler XE-1 expands your cycling possibilities on a whole new water frontier.



Manta5 Posing
Photo: Manta5.com

Hydrofoiling Watercraft – The Manta5 HYDROFOILER ™ XE-1




The globe’s very first Hydrofoiling Watercraft water-bike that reproduces the cycling experience, on water.

Using the same innovation as America’s Cup sailboats this Manta 5 Hydrofoiling Watercraft eBike opens an entire brand-new biking frontier. Appropriate for a wide range of health and fitness levels, cyclists can discover sea shorelines, train along waterways, or cruise ship shore with friends and family. It also has a very sexy-sleek hydrofoil design.

Variable pedal aid on the Manta5 Hydrofoiling Watercraft can be dialed up or down to fit your requirements.

Although not a hydrofoil speed boat, the Hydrofoiling Watercraft supports a top speed on the Manta5 of as much as 12 miles per hour (comparable to conventional sailing boats).
Modular design for fast setting up and also transport to as well as from the water.

What is Hydrofoil?

According to Wikipedia, A hydrofoil is a lifting surface area, or aluminum foil, that operates in water. They are comparable in appearance as well as function to aerofoils made use of by planes. Watercraft that use hydrofoil technology are also simply described as hydrofoils. As a hydrofoil craft gains rate, the hydrofoils raise the boat’s hull out of the water, decreasing drag and also allowing greater speeds.

The Manta5 Hydrofoiling Watercraft bike flaunts a top speed of 13mph and a cruising speed in between 7– 8mph. You can ride on seas, rivers, as well as lakes, dealing with a moderate cut as well as swell. The front tiller section of the Hydrofoiler self-levels and aid to punch with slice and over swell as you ride. Take a look at this video showcasing the bike in rough problems.

The battery on this Hydrofoiling Watercraft provides up to 60 minutes of riding time on optimum help degree *. Riding problems, biker input, as well as capability will certainly influence ride time. Whilst riding the Manta5, you can examine the continuing to be battery life which is revealed on the heads-up display screen (HUD) installed on the Hydrofoiler handlebars. The 70 cell lithium-ion battery pack provides 22Ah with each battery pack being simple to swap out using an Allen Key.

To re-energize the battery on the Manta5 Hydrofoiling Watercraft, the battery connects into any type of basic wall socket and also takes 3 hours to charge back to complete.

* Ride duration on the Manta5 goes through biker weight, water problems, as well as a degree of electronic support the motorcyclist has actually picked.

Positive swimmers between 130lbs– 220lbs of any age (no permit needed). The Manta5 Hydrofoiler is optimized for cyclists weighing in between 155lbs-200lbs. To carry out the submerged launch, riders do need to evaluate listed below 220lbs in order to re-surface.

The Manata5 Hydrofoiler ™ XE-1 is one of the most mobile personal watercraft out there today. Made to be broken down right into 3 components; front aluminum foil, rear aluminum foil, and also body. This enables simple storage space as well as transport in-car or on roofing racks. The Manta5 can be assembled within 5 minutes and also reached the water by hand. Testimonies say this is definitely the best hydrofoil board

When you’re looking online for a hydrofoil board for sale, know this baby comes at a nice price.

Manata5 Hydrofoiler ™ XE-1 Pricing

Pricing for the Manta5 HYDROFOILER ™ XE-1|Hydrofoiling Watercraft starts at $8,990.00 USD

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Check out more photos of the Manta5 Below


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